There is increasing consumer demand for non-genetically modified (Non-GMO) products. This is aligned to the global trend toward more natural foods, especially by discerning consumers interested in ‘natural’ and ‘un-adulterated’ foods.



Westland Milk Products assures that Westgold butter, UHT Cream and Milk manufactured at our Hokitika and Rolleston plants are non-GMO and have been made from milk of conventional origin.  In the case of the Westgold Full Cream Milk Powder, which contains lecithin potentially derived from GMO sources, these ingredients are highly refined so the final products are not required to be labelled as GMO under the criteria specified in FSANZ section 1.5.2 part 4.

To achieve this verification, samples of a food product are collected by Oritain and scientifically analysed to reveal that product’s unique ‘fingerprint’, which reveals information about its origin. That fingerprint is then stored in Oritain’s database, where it can be used to verify a product’s authenticity later on.

Oritain’s Scientific Traceability service supports our claim that Westgold butter and UHT cream is produced in the South Island. The milk or cream used to make Westgold butter and UHT cream can also be traced back to a small number of farms on the West Coast and in Canterbury. If needed, Oritain is able to determine whether any sample in the market is consistent with the fingerprint of products made in our Hokitika or Canterbury manufacturing sites.


In Westgold’s case, not only did this verification process show that our butter samples have a high similarity to each other, it also showed that they were dissimilar  from butter samples collected from other producers. To us, this proves what we already knew: the rich, distinctive flavour and golden colour of our butter is unique. It’s something that can only be created in the lush pastures of the spectacular West Coast.

EcoVadis carries out sustainability assessments in companies within global supply chains.

EcoVadis carries out sustainability assessments in companies within global supply chains. EcoVadis awarded a silver medal to Westland Milk Products in 2018 and in 2019 for achieving a high level of compliance with corporate social responsibility in areas such as environmental standards, health and safety, human resources and sustainable procurement. This major achievement places Westland in the top 30% of international companies that have completed the EcoVadis assessment.


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