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Looking to dial down the complexity of your mid-week dinner time, but keep the flavour turned up? Sounds like a One Pan Wonder is the answer for you. They feed the whole family quickly, are flavoursome, and best of all there's very little washing up


Follow these simple tips to a winning one pan wonder dish:


1. Use the right type of pan


Having the right ‘tools’ for the job is really important. Dependent on whether your One Pan Wonder is an oven recipe, stove top, or both, you’ll need the right type of dish or pan. Oven recipes will usually require a roasting or casserole dish whereas you’ll need a saucepan for stove top. If your recipe is cooked stove top, then finished off in the oven using a Cast Iron skillet or casserole dish could be a good idea. They are highly durable and once they’re hot, they hold the heat-well.


2. Empty the fridge


We've all had that experience - it's 6pm and you're staring into a fridge without a plan for dinner. Cue the One Pan Wonder! Don't worry, it’s easy to get creative with the ingredients you have and that's the joy of this dish: you can simply use those 'clean-out-your-fridge' veggies. Think mushrooms, tomatoes, broccoli, capsicum - anything goes! Don't forget about veggies you might have in the freezer either.


3. Pair proteins and vegetables that have similar cook times (or don't and add them in stages)


Prevent a meal fail by pairing proteins and vegetables with similar cook times or keep it simple and add them in stages. No one wants burnt green (or soggy) beans next to perfectly cooked chicken thighs.


It may mean you need to stand over the stove for longer, adding the ingredients stage by stage but you'll be thankful for it.


4. Add flavour boosters


A One Pan Wonder dish can be the most flavoursome of all dinners. Try using seasoning blends like jerk, Chinese five-spice or garam masala. Add spice by adding chillies like fresh jalapenos or serranos. You can also drizzle over sauces and add some crunch with nuts or seeds (add them towards the end so they don’t soften too much).


5. Don’t forget the garnish


Not everything has to be cooked for it to be a good one pan wonder. Add a bunch of fresh herbs on top of everything to liven it up, they taste as good as they look.


Now, what are you waiting for? Go make a winning One Pan Wonder! 


Need some inspiration to get you started, check out these winning One Pan Wonder combination ideas below.


  • Chicken, mushroom and spinach with a cream sauce with added herbs & spices

  • Pork chops (or beef), pasta, tomatoes and rosemary

  • Prawns (or fish or chicken), red curry sauce and basil

  • Eggplant, a leafy green like spinach or bok choy, some sesame seeds or equivalent and some citrus like a grilled lemon


 Prawns recipe


eggplant recipe


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