"Now you can have the same delicious whipped butter you get with your pancakes at a restaurant."

1. Brandy butter

Perfect for serving on pancakes or on your Christmas pudding or fruit mince pies. The smooth sweetness works perfectly on chocolate brownies or cake and you can even warm it up and drizzle over vanilla icecream.


125g Westgold unsalted butter, softened
125g icing sugar
2 tbsp boiling water
3 tbsp brandy


Cream together the butter and icing sugar with an electric beater or mixer. Beat in the boiling water and brandy until smooth.


Refrigerate until needed in a covered container. The butter can last up to 1-2 weeks.


As you need it, take it from the fridge that morning. Stir with a fork to lighten the mixture and place into serving bowls. Keep aside in a cool area (not refrigerated) until required. Serve a spoonful or two on each portion of hot pudding or pancakes.


2. Buttered Rum

Stay warm in the cooler months with this comforting creamy winter drink.


Serves 4
½ cup Westgold butter
2/3 cup brown sugar (packed)
¾ cup rum (dark/spiced)
2 cups boiling water
¼ cup honey
½ teaspoon cinnamon
¼ teaspoon ground nutmeg
1/8 teaspoon ground cloves
Pinch of salt
Splash of vanilla extract

With an electric beater or mixer, in a medium bowl beat together brown sugar, butter, honey, cinnamon, nutmeg, cloves and salt until blended and smooth. Add the vanilla, rum and boiling water (if you need a larger bowl you can transfer). Stir until the butter mixture dissolves and divide the mixture into 4 cups.


3. Grilled Peaches 

Although grilling peaches isn’t new news, if you haven’t tried these yet now is a great time as peaches are in season. Grilled peaches are such a versatile dessert; they can be served with ice-cream, apple pie, or simply on their own for a healthier option. Or take your breakfast to the next level and serve these with French toast, pancakes, oats or with Easiyo Greek Yoghurt. The list is endless!


Quick and Easy, here’s how you can try these at home:
Heat griddle pan to medium
Halve and pit the peaches, brush the cut side with melted Westgold butter
Place peaches cut side down on the pan, place lid over pan and cook until charred and softened, about 4 minutes per side


4. Whipped Butter 

Now you can have the same delicious whipped butter you get with your pancakes at a restaurant. Whipped butter is also great for spreading on fresh muffins and breads as it expands the volume and makes it easier to spread.


¼ cup milk
1 cup Westgold butter (227g)
Make sure butter is softened to room temperature. Add the milk and whip on a low speed for 1-2 minutes then mix on high speed for 2-4 minutes until light and fluffy

Store in the fridge


Add some extra flavour by mixing fresh or dried herbs and spices into the butter as you are whipping it. We love adding a dash of cinnamon before serving with muffins; and rosemary works really well if you are having fresh bread.

5. Butter Hot Chocolate

Not related to bulletproof coffee’s at all, this recipe came together purely from our inquisitive nature/fascination with butter; it just tastes better


1 packet hot chocolate mix
2 tbsp Westgold Salted Butter
1 cup boiling water


Combine the hot chocolate mix, butter, and desired amount of boiled water in a mug.
Use a milk frother to froth until foamy for about 30 seconds.
If you don’t have a milk frother, combine the ingredients in a blender and blend for about 20 seconds on high.

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